Choosing Download or Instant Play

We offer 2 versions of our Casino - Download and Instant Play. The full version must be downloaded and has the complete selection of games and enhanced graphics. Click here to download. The Instant Play Casino is in Flash and can be played right away. It has over 100 different games and many of the features of the Download Casino. Click here to play.


How to download and install

Firstly, make sure that all your other applications are closed then click on the Free Download button to start the software download. The initial download will only take between 2 - 10 minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection.You are now ready to install the Dash Casino software application file that you saved to your desktop. Double click to open Dash - the installation wizard will then begin. Follow the prompts when requested and the software will be installed. Click here for more installation details.

System Requirements

The Dash Casino software is not available to players using Macintosh OS. The minimum requirements for all other users are:

  • Windows 98 or higher with 1GHz processor or greater (Windows 95 no longer supported)
  • Adobe Flash 7 or above, please click here to download the latest version
  • DirectX 1, please download the latest version from Microsoft's download site
  • 16 Bit colour video card, 800 X 600 video resolution
  • 128Mb of system RAM, 32Mb video memory
  • 500Mb of free hard drive space
  • Standard mouse and keyboard
  • Minimum Internet access with at least 56 KBps connection speed

We recommended end-user hardware requirement as below:

  • 2GHz processor or above
  • 256Mb of system RAM
  • 64Mb video memory
  • 32 Bit colour video card, 800 X 600 video resolution
  • 1GB of free hard drive space

I have downloaded the files but cannot find it on my PC

If the Dash icon is not on your desktop and you can't remember where you saved it, please follow these steps:

  • Open the window search function by clicking on "start" then "search" then "file and folders".
  • In the search field, type in Dash Casino, and click "search now".
  • When the file has been found, you can install the software by double-clicking on the file name in the search results.

Please note: if you cannot find the installation file after following the above steps, your download probably did not complete. Please download the software from our website again or select the Instant Play Casino.

I cannot complete the installation

Please make sure that you have enough space on your hard drive to complete the installation. The Dash Casino needs at least 30 megabytes of disk space to install.

I keep losing the connection when downloading

You are probably experiencing problems because of Internet Congestion. This usually happens during working hours, when a lot of people are using the Internet. The best times to download large files are later in the evening or over weekends. Please try again later, or alternatively select the Instant Play Casino

I keep getting the error "Cannot connect to gaming server"

This problem is usually caused by one of three things:

  • You have lost your Internet connection.
  • You have a very bad or slow connection to the gaming server.
  • You have a firewall blocking you from playing.

Please note: reconnecting to the Internet, especially in the evening or during the weekends when the Internet is less busy, can solve the first two problems. If you think your problem is related to a firewall, please ask your firewall administrator to open port 80; you will have to make sure that you are not behind a proxy server.

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How do I open an account?

Opening an account is easy, just follow these easy steps:

  • Connect to the Internet and run the casino software making sure that all your other applications are closed first.
  • When the casino's main screen becomes visible, click on the "Connect" button, then on the "Register Now!" button.
  • Enter the requested details, making sure to exclude any punctuation in the fields.
  • On the second page, be sure to select either "Real Money" or "Free as a Guest" as your player type. Please remember the password you choose - you'll need it later.

Please note: your password is case-sensitive and has to be entered the same way each time you log in.

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I cannot log in

You cannot log in to the Dash Casino either because your account has been locked by us or because you have forgotten your password. Either way please Contact us to resolve the situation.

My account has been locked

Your account would have been locked for security purposes as you typed your password incorrectly 3 times.
Make sure the Caps Lock is not on as your password is case-sensitive.
Please make sure to type in the correct password!
Please note: to unlock your account you have to Contact us.

I have funds missing from my account

If you are sure funds are missing from your account, please Contact us.

I've forgotten my password or user name

For security reasons, we need you to supply us with certain details before we can reset your password. Please send us the following information:

  • Your full name and surname, date of birth and your address

We will then reset your password and let you know immediately.

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What bonuses are on offer?

Presently we have a £/$/€ 50 Welcome Bonus. Please click here for details.

How do I claim a bonus?

Claiming your Welcome Bonus is easy. Click here to find out how.

What are the wagering requirements?

All bonuses are managed through our Quick Cash Bonus System and are subject to 30 times wagering requirement. In addition, certain games contribute different percentages of this requirement. For a better idea of how our bonuses work, please visit our Quick Cash Bonus System pages.

How does the Quick Cash Bonus System work?

Click here to see how our innovative Quick Cash Bonus System works.

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Does Dash Casino have a rewards programme?

Yes, Dash Casino will reward you for every bet you place from the moment you open a real account. Click here for details.

How does the rewards programme work?

Click here to find out more about our Dash Cash rewards scheme.

Where do I redeem Dash Cash reward points?

You can redeem your reward points by clicking here . Please note you can only redeem them in units of 1000.

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How do I deposit money into my account?

When you are connected to the Dash Casino click on the Bank button, which takes you to the Dash Casino Bank page. From here you can register debit / credit cards or a variety of electronic wallet accounts and instantly make a purchase of casino chips. For full details all our payment options, click here .

What payment options to do offer?

For details of the variety of payment options please click here.

What are the minimum and maximum deposit amounts?

For details please click here

How long before I can play with my deposit?

Your deposits reach your casino account immediately and can be played with straight away.

What are the deposit limits?

Please click here to see full details.

Can I change the deposit limits?

Yes, you can change your deposit limits. To do so please Contact us.

Why are my attempts to deposit being rejected?

  • Purchases can be rejected for numerous reasons many of which have nothing to do with your credit.
  • Your request for purchase is sent securely via the Internet but if your purchase request is delayed along the way, our processing centre will reject the transaction rather than processing it with incomplete data.
  • Additional reasons are that your billing information doesn't match the credit card information that you entered on the Casino Banking page. For instance, if you have entered a different post code (Zip code), or your residential address is different to your billing address, then the purchase is likely to be rejected.
  • Your credit card company may have set controls (or barriers) to prevent potential fraudulent transactions. If several purchases are made within a short period of time, your credit card company may block your credit card for all transactions. This is an automatic response and may also happen if three or more purchases for the same amount are processed by one merchant (or processor) to your credit card.
  • Dash also has daily and weekly limits on credit cards that may have been reached. You can request that your card limits be refreshed by contacting our help desk.
  • Some credit cards may also have been blocked for international sales. Internet problems and traffic congestion can also cause rejections.

Please note: if you feel that your debit / credit card is getting rejected incorrectly, please Contact us.

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How do I withdraw my winnings?

You can withdraw any amount of chips in your account at any time. Withdrawals can be made by clicking on the bank button in the software. Click on the Cash-in button and put the amount you wish to withdraw in the box and you're finished. It is automatically recorded in the software and will be processed accordingly.

What are the limits to how much I can withdraw?

The most you can withdraw in one day is £120,000. However, we do make exception for certain players.

How long will it take before I receive my winnings?

Please click here for more details of timings.

I made a withdrawal, but have changed my mind. How can I cancel a withdrawal request?

Once you have requested a withdrawal, it will show as pending until processed, usually around 24hrs after the request during UK banking hours (9am to 5pm Monday to Friday). Withdrawal requests outside of UK banking hours will show as pending until the next banking day. While your cash-in is pending, you may reverse it by simply selecting this option in the Banking section of the 32Red Casino.

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How do I know the games are fair at Dash Casino?

  • Our casino supports a Fair Gaming Policy, which means that each time a game is played the software uses the Microgaming Random Number Generator to randomly produce the gaming results. This ensures that no "programming" advantages can be created on the casino's side to favour the house, and also stops players from gaining an unfair advantage by counting cards or "cracking the system".
  • Please note: for your peace of mind, we have engaged the services of Independent auditors. They review all our games' payout percentages on a monthly basis. You can review these reports here.

How can I check the results of a game?

  • You can check the results of a game at any time using PlayCheck which is available from within the casino software.

How do I learn to play the games?

  • To learn the games please visit our Tips to Win pages.
  • Alternatively, please just press the Help button from within the game you are playing.

What are your Payout Percentages?

  • You can check our Independently Reviewed Payout Percentages here. Reports are produced every month.

How do I contest the outcome of a game?

  • The first thing to do if you are concerned about the outcome of a game is consult Playcheck , which records every game result for you. If you remain unsatisfied please Contact us.

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Are my personal details secure?

  • Yes we use 128-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) Digital Encryption in order to protect all transactions over the Internet. This technology is a security standard as used by all major Financial Institutions.

How safe are my credit card details?

  • Your Credit Card details are completely secure and only accessible to select employees who operate in the Security and Payments Department. In addition, we employ some of the most secure and vigorous firewall technologies available today.

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Am I old enough to play at Dash Casino?

  • Casino play is available only to persons older than 18 years of age. Minors may not under any circumstances play at Dash. If you require further information please refer to our Terms and Conditions.

Is Dash Casino licensed?

  • Dash Casino is licensed and regulated by Government of Gibraltar, licence number 00019

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